Vilen [Singer]- Bio, Birthday, Age, Height, Tattoo

Vilen is a popular singer, who has become immensely famous with his Youtube videos. He is a multi-talented artist who also composes music, writes the lyrics for his songs. He even directs his music videos and is also good with acting.

Vilen is his on-screen name and his real name is Vipul Dhanaker.

What makes Vilen stand apart from the crowd is that each of his songs carry a unique meaning, often touching on various aspects and situations faced by youngsters.

Here is some key information about Vilen:

ProfessionSinger, Music, Lyrics Composer
BirthdayFebruary 7, 1995
Age25 years (2020)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Real NameVipul Dhanaker
Height5 feet 9 inches
Eye ColorBlack
GirlfriendNot Known

Vilen Singer Interviews

In this interview, Vilen talks about his story, success and the message he wants to share with his followers, through his songs.

Vilen Tattoo

Vilen is fond of tattoos. He has many tattoos on his body including his trademark Vilen Tattoo.

Vilen Singer Music Videos

Vilen’s first song “Ek Raat” become very popular and has more than 200 million views on Youtube. His songs cover various dimensions and themes mostly relevant to youth.

Vilen ‘Ek Raat’ Song

This song touches upon the aspect of breakup and recovering from it.

Vilen ‘Rataan’ Song

A song created by Vilen in just 6 minutes ! Then again, this is not the typical Vilen song

Vilen’s latest song in 2020

Vilen in ‘Ravan’ Song

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  1. in my life i have never seen such a matured personality and you express your feeling so well,the song chidiya is sooo well written each line is very meaningfull, you are very different from all others and i love the way speak to people so politely and calmly.

  2. as u were trending but i dnt knw abt u anything i listened ur songs but never knewed that he is u just before 1 day i got to know abt u.. nd i dnt tell u that i love u and all ..i just love ur songs and the meaning of ur words used by u in the songs …. it is like relaxation .. so much went through from life but now u r my relaxation … thank u and waiting for ur more songs ….. love for u

  3. The best person who never hides what he is ….The Villan…He is antagonist just like her name…One my favourite singer… When he sings
    I feel the heaven on the earth…& This heaven is much more soulful than the heaven someone says after death… Greatful to get a such an amazing person who Sings from the bottom of heart…

  4. I hear your song. Really your songs are very unique. I love your songs. Your thoughts are imagined in your songs. Your songs are connected to my hurt. I love you also.

  5. You are just an amazing personality ever seen in my life. Your songs are
    just amazing and i have got addicted to your songs like anything And your voice is just speechless and it kill’s all the pain. Keep making songs like this only we all are waiting for your new songs.


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